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Monday Dinner with Friends

Hi Everyone!

I just thought of posting something, because it's been too long. I promised myself to post OOTDs but since I started working, and my sister hogging my laptop, I had since been not able to update. Slowly getting back into this. Trying!

Anyway, this might seem like I'm just posting a selfie. Haha! I want to share with you this blazer which my mother got from People are People. It's white with floral prints. It looks so refreshing! I wore this to work yesterday but I had to meet my friends for dinner. I had this over my black dress and was wearing flats, but after working out, I changed into this tank top with crocheted details (I'll try to post a picture of it too), shorts and sandals.

My past seven months had been a whirlwind! Am trying to get my life back on its track, not that it was derailed to some sort, mind you!

It's almost Christmas!

Cue: Changing of the Seasons - Two Door Cinema Club

The me at a cafe (obviously you know which one) somewhere in Eastwood.
with the friends :)

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