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Pre-Birthday OOTD

Dear Reader,

I turned 23 today. And yesterday, was probably one of the nicest nights I have ever had.

After getting off a long day from work, I met someone over coffee, which eventually turned into a movie. We saw Robocop last night. Movie was hell better than watching Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones in the cinema. PLEASE DON'T EVER TRY SEEING THAT MOVIE IN THE CINEMAS. A late dinner followed shortly after.

Originally planned to eat out at somewhere in Metrowalk but ended up going to Tiendesitas. We had dinner at Ho galbi, a Korean restaurant at Tiendesitas Pasig. We had a couple of shots of Soju and a big serving of their special Bulgogi! Yum yum! I should've taken a picture of it.

OOTD from last night! Except for the make up and shoes. I didn't expect I'd be going out last night so I didn't make any effort to fix my face/hair but I still dressed up, because I wasn't coming to work on my birthday and decided to wear my birthday dress anyway. My leg still feels awful, but I still managed to wear my nude heels.

Red dress - Memo. Gold chain necklace - Robinson's Department Store.

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