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Casual Fridays : Getting into that Parisienne vibe

Hello! I am back! Anyway, I haven't been active with writing as of the late. My activities just take up a lot of my time during the weekends, and since I've started working, I can't allot time to write during the weekdays.

I came back to the place where I first started work but for a different business unit. Where I am right now, we usually have to be in business/corporate look (which I will be making a post of, soon). But on Fridays, we're allowed to go casual. 

Last Friday, I decided to go for a more Euro-casual look. Since it's been really rainy for days here in the Philippines, I decided to wear my striped, three-fourths shirt. I am glad that one of my friends noticed that I was going for a Parisienne look. :> I think it's the stripes that make the look very Euro. :)

Also, since I get off from work at 4, I have some time to go out at night and last Friday, I went out with my best friend Jane for some drinks at Eastwood. Hihi We had some cocktails, and bier. Our go-to.

Here's to more Casual Fridays post, ayt?

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