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Lookbook Post: der zwölfte - Karl's Birthday & Papa's Despedida

Whenever my dad comes home for vacation, he always makes sure to spend as much time with us as he does with his other friends. And whenever he comes home, it's barely just for a couple of days.

This year, we had two celebration days for my brother's birthday. One was in Nasugbu, Batangas where we also celebrated my Tita's birthday together with Karl's last March 17th, and we had dinner and a lot of strolling around the mall last March 19th.

Going around malls, I try to make it to a point that I wear very comfortable items like leggings, shorts, skirts, and often stay away from jeans even though I often commute. And most people who are close to me would know that I do not like wearing jeans because I feel constricted. So, last Tuesday, I decided to wear my ever trusted shorts which I bought in Forever 21 some two years ago (WOW, IT HAS BEEN THAT LONG SINCE).

Hey, I got tanned.
Aside from the actual outfit, I am also concerned with my footwear. Whenever I see people walking around the mall wearing heels, STILETTOS for that matter, I cringe and wonder HOW they are feeling walking around the mall in that! Like I mentioned, I also commute, so over the past months, I try not to wear sandals because it feels icky to have dirty feet. But since I did not commute to Pasay that day, I decided to walk around the Mall of Asia in my white sandals which I recently got from Forever 21. I am glad that I found those pair because most of the sandals that I find in the department stores won't fit me. :(

Size 9, WIDE.
I know it's summer, and my blazer looks kind of very... OFF SEASON. But I decided to wear it because my dad got it for me from Espirit. I like it because of its pin stripes which looks slimming, for its color which is very muted, and for its material which is linen. DISCLAIMER: The blazer did not make me feel irritable or sweaty because of its material. ;)

I have shared more about Karl's Birthday & Papa's Despedida in Pictures (and words) in my other blog, over at Under the Strobelights.

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