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Lookbook Post: Zehn

I went to my college because we were supposed to have dinner at this pizza place near it. But my friend and I ended up staying in school, and watching/listening to the people on stage during the college fair.

It might be too much to wear white polos and pearls to a college fair, but I came from an interview the morning before going to my college. But I had to change to a different polo because the one I wore that morning looked a bit dirty already, and it felt like it's been soaked with sweat. Too icky to the feels. Hehe

These spiky flats are from Parisian Plus. I was supposed to get it together with another pair of shoes with spikes on it but in Tan, they just didn't have my size for those pair. :(

The polo I am wearing is from the 21 Men rack at Forever 21. It was supposed to be a gift for someone, but it didn't fit, so I asked if I could have it back instead. I love wearing white polos. They're so clean, and simple. They're my closet staple. :)
Matched the macho white polo with muilti-layered pearl necklace from a tiangge in Divisoria that my sister got for only P50

I am in love with this new lipstick. Hihi I got it as a gift from my sister during Christmas. The shade is called Red Garnet from Maybelline. It has a deep pigment of plum, and it's long wearing! There was this one time, I put it on in the morning once getting in the office, and I did not re-apply during the whole day of drinking  & eating. I used it to tint my cheeks too! #amazed

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