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Loobook Post: Neun

Hello! It has been a while.

I got this dress from the teens section of SM Department store. I just took it off from the rack and then tried it on. I liked it because it had nice colors on it, and I haven't bought anything in a while.

Part of my "discernment points" when buying items is asking where and when I would be wearing these clothes. Aside from this, I always try to see if I could commute in it. Being a commuter for most of my life, the second "discernment point" is something that I highly consider. The dress seemed wearable enough for me to commute in it.

The dress' print in close up. It does look like it's been spilled with water colors of different sorts!
I thought that I could wear it to some dinner of some sort. But since no din din is coming out of the corner just yet, I decided to wear it to a concert in my sister's school, which was a tribute for a Nicanor Abelardo, our National Artist for Music. I tried to be decent enough to wear it with cardigan and a pair of flat shoes, because if I had worn heels with it, it would make me look so tall and the dress so short, and we don't want that in a very conservative Catholic school in Manila, do we? :)

I am just glad that I was wearing flats, and it wasn't that windy outside that night. If it had been windy, I would have gone loca trying to keep the wind from up-skirting me ala Marilyn Monroe!

Blog about the Nicanor Abelardo concert is here, and the photopost is here.

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