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Sunday's OOTD

I remember when I was young ... (mama told me, I'd be a superstar. /LADYGAGA Reference) my Tito Ronald, and parents would always ask us to be in bestidas/ dresses for Sunday service. Back then, they would make us wear matching clothes, with matching shoes, and matching hats. (I would post when I find photos). Now I'm all grown up, and it has gotten too hot to wear nice clothes in the PHL, I would stick to the basics of polos and skirts.

Back then, I would envy my mom because she could wear heels to church, but now, I'd rather stick to flats. But not with today's outfit. :) It's been a while since I last wore heels so I decided to wear them today. :)

1. Polo from Guess by Marciano
2. Checkered Skirt by M&CP Design (from a store in Mandaluyong)
3. Platform heels from Manel's
4. Belt borrowed from my brother.

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