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My ZALORA Wishlist

The age of technology has made it possible to close the gap between the real world, and the virtual world. It is amazing how technology breaks this barrier that we are even allowed to do the normal things we would do in real life, ONLINE--at the convenience of your fingertips. Back then, discovering new worlds were the next step in our shift from mercantilism to capitalism, and now, this online reality is the new frontier. Shopping, which could be considered a hassle by a lot of people (but never for me, hihi), is something you could now do even while eating lunch. Shopping online at Zalora is as exciting as one would do, minus all the running around and haggling, for that perfect black dress.

I am pretty new to this whole online thing, but Zalora has made it easy for me to check out items, and add them to my wishlist!

While shopping, and adding items to my wishlist, I had to consider a whole new wardrobe. As a recent graduate looking for employment, it is important to look decent, and (for me) as fashionable as possible. Gone are the days of the plain white polo, black plain slacks, and the black heeled shoes--don't get me wrong, those are the classics, but with all the hype in fashion, and that possibility of shopping online, items coming from everywhere in the world, one has the capability to dress in updated fashion while looking for a job!

1. Platform Pump by Kelsi Dagger
I once read in an article that you can never go wrong with black, and I do believe that... But it wouldn't hurt to have this platform pump, a beautiful pop of color in my wardrobe. Besides, orange is the color of the year! :)

2. Low V-Back Dress by W
I am a big fan of dresses, and with the heat in Manila I would rather be dainty in a dress than feel icky and leg-sweaty in jeans. This low V-back dress by W is PERFECT because it looks sweet, but with a secret hint sexiness... :) Gerard Butler's character from The Ugly Truth said: let them [men] wonder.

3. Status Playsuit/Jumpsuit by Niche
Now this is something I would really, REALLY consider having in my wardrobe all because, I haven't had the chance of wearing a jumpsuit/playsuit. This Niche's Status playsuit/jumpsuit is corporate in the morning, but would really shift in to a very nice party outfit! Now that is function, and form both at the same time!

4. Damiano by Cole Vintage
Satchels are everywhere! Though it's quite a new trend, I would consider it something that would always comeback every season. A satchel doesn't disappoint because it has all the looks, and the function. Fashion is something that is surely not going to be sacrificed with all the sturdiness, and functionality of a satchel.

5. Multicolored Bib Necklace by the Little Things She Needs
Bib necklaces is something that I would not let pass because it's chunky but discrete all at the same time. It has the capability of even turning a simple, plain black tube in to a more glamorous top! This specific bib necklace carries one of my most favorite color combinations in jewelries--black and gold, because it speaks a lot of gangsta and glam!

I've found all of these items with the help of Zalora. Print-screened, because I want you all to see how amazing this online store is! Zalora offers a wide selection of items ranging from women to kids; they seem to be very easy to reach because posted are their contact numbers, and their store-partners' as well; you could custom search your shopping with filters including sizing, popularity, colors, and prices; and lastly, you could get a P250 voucher when you sign up, that's like 50% off on an amazing jewelry find! How great is that!

Visit Zalora at: and sign up today! :)

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