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White Shirt x Three

It's funny how Drei (Three in German) could stand as a nickname for Andrea. Anyway, dressing up for no occasion at all is a pastime for both me and my sister. We would set up the camera, put it on a tripod, set the self timer, and pose. I can't remember when I actually started doing this, but going through my old posts on Multiply, I'm putting it pre-college. At least the summer before college. hihihi

 White x Blue. The blue skirt is a mullet skirt, which is the same as in the following post. The plain white shirt I am wearing is from Banana Republic. The shoes, is a platform, I've worn in my December post. It's grey from Manel's. And the cocktail ring, with Aztec print is from Forever21.
 White x Animal. Last March 21st, we celebrated the Seniors annual send-off party in school. I wore this, except for the shoes. as much as I wanted to wear the shoes with this animal-printed mullet skirt, I don't think it would be convenient because the party was held in Bellarmine field. I feared it would rain, so I opted for my cutout-oxfords paired with the cream Mango bag I've had since first year college.

For this, I wore my Graduation shoes. I got it from Payless Shoe Store at almost 40% off its original price. It's a platform by Christian Siriano for Payless. The bag is from SM Parisian. The accessories are from everywhere, I can't remember.
White x Floral. This is a favorite, go-to outfit while I was finishing my senior year. It's very light so it's easy to move around, plus It has this floral print on brown, which gives it a very vintage-y feel. I would usually pair this with any other light fabric shirt, or my favorite white polo. I also feel like I'm Jasmine from Disney's Alladin. This is also the first time that I've worn this genie pants with my platform shoes.

This Jaipur-inspired pants are from Promod. The feather necklace is from Shapes, and the Aztec printed ring is from Forever21.

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