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Make-up Inspiration: Grunge

I think it's too hot to wear makeup, but special occasions call for it. And besides, it cannot be denied that sometimes, make-up has the power to enhance one's features.

A couple of days back, I went to visit my friend Pelo who is also a photography enthusiast like me. He asked me to come over and do a shoot. We planned to do one, up in a grotto behind their subdivision. I thought it would be perfect to do the shoot during sunset, but we ran out of time. So, we proceeded with just doing the shoot in their house's backyard, and, would you believe, their bathroom.

He told me that the inspiration for this look was grunge. I've always been fond of make-up, and the look is not new to me. I've tried doing the same look too, but with black, and for this he used more of the brown colors. He had techniques which he told me, he learned from watching Youtube videos of make-up application.

PS. Ang feeling lang nung treatment ko with the photographs. :)) They look legit, sort of. HAHA!

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